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Modifying and Enforcing Divorce + Custody Agreements in Connecticut

Judgments, Marital Settlement Agreements, and Parenting Agreements in part establish the terms of ongoing interactions between former spouses, including arrangements for child custody, child support, maintenance, and the division of property. People's lives, however, inevitably change, and plans established at the time of divorce may not be feasible years later. In other circumstances, ex-spouses exhibit the same non-cooperative or manipulative behavior as they did during the marriage, and regularly violate the terms of these agreements and judgments.

The Family Law Firm of Healy & Eliot helps clients seek post-divorce modifications that reflect major lifestyle changes for ex-spouses, parents, and children, such as relocation, remarriage, illness, and financial difficulties. For those having trouble with an ex-spouse following the rules, we can help to establish new boundaries and enforce the terms that already exist in their agreements.

Reasons to Change a Divorce or Custody Agreement

Before a divorce can be finalized, issues such as child custody and parenting time, child support, and alimony need to be resolved. The law understands, however, that life moves forward, often in directions unforeseen at the time of divorce. When a significant or “substantial change” in circumstances affects the operability of a custody or support arrangement, either party to a divorce may seek a modification of the court order. Possible examples of such change in circumstances may include:

  • One parent decides to relocate and move out of state or far from the other parent.
  • A former spouse remarries or begins to cohabitate with another person.
  • A former spouse loses his or her job, suffers a substantial decrease in income, or gains new employment or promotion.
  • A child's needs change, including cases in which a child develops or has complicated special needs.
  • One parent is interfering with a child's relationship with the other parent.
  • A former spouse's physical or mental condition has deteriorated, such as by drug or alcohol abuse.
  • A former spouse is convicted of a crime.

Notably, when a proposed modification involves child custody or visitation, it must also be in the best interest of the child. Our family law attorneys understand that living with an unworkable child custody arrangement can cause great stress for parents and harm to children. For clients in need of child custody modifications, we work as quickly as possible so appropriate changes are made to meet current needs.

Enforcement of Custody and Financial Orders

Orders related to a divorce or child custody arrangement must be followed. Unfortunately, all too often, people do not always abide by the terms of court orders and custody agreements. Connecticut law provides remedies to enforce judgments, orders, and agreements, such as withholding income, placing liens on property, driver's license suspension, and even jail.

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